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Enaiter smart wechat WiFi rice cooker caused a sensation in wechat hardware comp

Jul. 29, 2016

On March 19th, Enaiter scientific research team has paticipated in the first WeChat hardware innovation contest presentation sponsored by the WeChat hardware team and Ing Dan company. Intensive communication was carried out between Enaiter R&D team as well as directors and developers from wechat, Ing Dan and other leading enterprises in this creative industry. During the presentation, the wechat interconnected smart rice cooker that Enaiter proposed has arisen heated discussion.Innovative technology, leading the trend of intelligence

2015 is undoubtedly the key year for intelligent hardware upgrading to consumer level. From CES in January to WMC in March, intelligence, as the key word, has fully renovated the electronic manufacturing industry. At the same time, intelligent hardware products are also getting rid of the label of "geek", heading toward the global consumer market.

The open platform innovation of wechat, senior director, Mr Wang Jingui has delivered an opening speech on introducing original intention and vision of the contest to the developers. He said, this contest would be facing development teams of global intelligent hardware and software as well as individual contestants. With the basis of developing device access function in wechat public platform besides the exploration of Internet developing trend, this competition intends to search for the future stars who can cooperate with wechat in this field.

Enaiter smart appliances R&D center director, Mr Liang Jianfeng was the keynote speaker, he show everyone this rice cooker and its multiple functions: remote control, life service, message pushing, rich recipes, production sharing and equipment linkage which allow the users to appoint, check its status, select different modes and obtain other surprising service. For instance, if the users do not want to make do with dinning, however can't cook well. They are able to follow the recipes by downloading them from applications. In the cuisine community, this rice cooker could become a new social circle for friends. Right here, you are going to find like-minded friends and have fun with each other.

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